Comfort food in Cologne

Comfort Food in Cologne

It’s always nice to find something that reminds you a little of home when you’re traveling. I went to Feynsinn Café, which the Wallpaper* City Guide listed as one of the restaurants with delightful ambience and hearty food in Cologne. It was tempting to go for one of  the burgers with sumptuous descriptions in the menu and organic ingredients, or delicious home-made pasta with fresh tomatoes from the café/restaurant’s own garden. When I saw that there was Leberkäse, (a type of meatloaf) on the menu, though, I had to order it. In Vienna, a Leberkäse in bread is what I would usually buy from a snack stand or the meat section of a supermarket for a quick and delicious meal. Feynsinn’s version was like a gourmet version of my favorite comfort food. One bite into it and all was fine and good again.

Feynsinn Café
Rathenauplatz 7
50674 Cologne

Cuties in Cologne

I really didn’t have an itinerary for my Cologne trip. There is no Lonely Planet city guide for Cologne, and sadly, I feel a little lost without an LP. So mostly, I just based my daily activities on the weather (the rain was just crazy! it was April after all), my energy level and my mood. On the first day, I just got totally lost and wandered off past a really huge cemetery (I was rather creeped out) and into a residential area when all I wanted was to visit a trendy neighborhood I read about. Oops.

But whaddyaknow, walking is the only exercise I am really good at, so getting lost is no problem for me at all. I always find my way back.

Walking miles and miles, I not only accumulate steps on my Fitbit, but also get to see a lot of random stuff. Here, a round-up of cute things (and a person) I saw:

cuties in CologneI passed by the City Hall of Cologne when a wedding just ended and spotted this cute flower girl hanging out by herself. And look at that jacket! OMG so cute.


cuties in CologneAt the House of 4711, I found this cute vending machine on display. It says “please refresh yourself”


cuties in CologneThese two are just irresistible!


cuties in CologneI was so happy to see this little one, because I used to watch Die Sendung mit der Maus when I was a kid!


Currywurst in Cologne

It’s a cool and rainy Sunday, and I’m just chilling out at home. The evening will be more exciting, as I’ll be watching the World Cup finale at a friend’s place. In the meantime, I’ll be daydreaming about fattening food like this currywurst I tried in Cologne.

Have a great Sunday!

Eau de Cologne from Cologne

I usually get two souvenirs for myself when I travel – a postcard that I mail to myself and a small snow globe. Then, I look for either really cool or classic local brands and products. When I went to Cologne, I just had to get an original Eau de Cologne.

When I was a kid, I used to carry around a sample glass bottle of cologne with me. I just loved it. When I used up the 3 or 5ml of cologne, I just started filling it with water and continued to bring it with me everywhere.

In 1709, Giovanni Maria Farina, an Italian perfume maker who moved to Cologne, Germany, concocted a scent that reminded him of “an Italian spring morning, of mountain daffodils and orange blossoms after the rain.” Farina named his fragrance Eau de Cologne in honor of the city of Cologne, his new hometown.


I got this small 30 ml bottle  of the original Eau de Cologne from Farina and now I wish I got a bigger one, because it smells amazing! And also because I don’t want to refill it with eau.

Try New Things: Köln edition


Cologne: new city, new chance to TNT or Try New Things! I was really excited to get a ticket to Foxes‘ concert at the Artheater in Cologne, Germany back in April. I think I first heard her sing on one of my fave Fall Out Boy songs, Just One Yesterday:


As excited as I was, I was also anxious because I would be doing two things I’ve been wanting try: go to a concert alone and go to a bar alone. Because I arrived a little early, I spent some time at the bar and ordered a beer. And I survived. But being in a social place by myself felt very awkward because I was extremely self-conscious. Maybe I should have had more beers. Once inside the venue, things were more fun because everyone was smiling, dancing, singing, and cheering. A little small talk among fans. It was okay, but for me, concerts are something to be shared among friends, so I probably won’t be going to a concert (and a bar) alone anytime soon. I am glad, however, to have been brave enough to cross both items off my list. Another Comfort Zone Challenge completed.


The guy on the keyboard, Sam Kennedy, was really cute. I couldn’t help staring hahaha. Oh, and he’s on instagram!


Foxes’ voice already sounds great on records, but live it’s even more amazing! She has easily one of my favorite voices these days. It was so good. I’m sooo glad I get to watch her again in Vienna, because she’s opening for Pharrell in September! Woohoo!

snack time in Cologne: Merzenich

We’re almost through the week! I’m trying to get over the incredible and heartbreaking loss of the Brazil team at the World Cup. Sigh. I am happy for the Germany team, though. It’s really a world-class team that loves nutella likes the rest of us.

As a humpday treat and celebration, let’s have a snack. During my visit to Germany a few months back, I had an afternoon snack at the bakery Merzenich. I tried their famous Erdbeerschnitte and washed it down with a latte. Happy Wednesday!
Köln treat Köln treat

Brunch in Cologne: Fromme

Located along Breite Straße (take U-Bahn line 3 to Appellhofplatz) Fromme is a café and patisserie that serves breakfast all day long. Fromme has been in Cologne on Breite Straße since 1893. If you can get past drooling about all the cakes and pies by the entrance, you’ll find a dining area further inside. If it’s warm out, you can grab a table outside – there are blankets placed on the chairs in case it gets cold.

I ordered the Schlemmer Frühstück with a slice each of black bread, white bread and a croissant, cold cuts, cheese, butter, jam, a boiled egg, sweet cream cheese and a glass of fresh orange juice with pulp – all for only € 5.95. You can upsize it to a portion for two for € 9.95. I added a cup of peppermint tea, which cost me € 2.40.

With a day of sightseeing and/or strolling along the shopping streets of Cologne, I’d say a brunch at Fromme is perfect to start things off. Not convinced? Check out this eyecandy:

Brunch in Cologne

Brunch in Cologne

Brunch in Cologne

Brunch in Cologne

Brunch in Cologne

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 8:30 – 19:00
Saturday: 8:30 – 18:30
Sunday: 10:30 – 18:00