let them eat cake

…and by them, I really mean us. I know how pretty and portable cupcakes and cake pops are, but to me, it’s warmer in July so I’m not really worried about the Mayweather, you know* it’s real cake slices that take the cake. There’s nothing like that perfect triangle and working your way through with the fork, piece by piece. Cake slices are also great for sharing. Just put the plate in the middle of table, get a few forks, and share the goodness and split the calories. It’s what my friends and I do when we pretend to diet but want to treat ourselves to something sinfully good.

After my pre-birthday brunch at Motto am Fluss,  my friends and I went to Café Landtmann for dessert. Strawberry season just started, so some of us ordered strawberry-based cakes.

cakeMy strawberry pistachio cake.

cake Gift-opening time!

cakeRox’s strawberry shortcake

So pretty and so delicious, those cakes. It’s Friday, look away from the screen now and get some cake! TGIF!

* quoted from Drake as Manny Pacquiao

Brunch in Cologne: Fromme

Located along Breite Straße (take U-Bahn line 3 to Appellhofplatz) Fromme is a café and patisserie that serves breakfast all day long. Fromme has been in Cologne on Breite Straße since 1893. If you can get past drooling about all the cakes and pies by the entrance, you’ll find a dining area further inside. If it’s warm out, you can grab a table outside – there are blankets placed on the chairs in case it gets cold.

I ordered the Schlemmer Frühstück with a slice each of black bread, white bread and a croissant, cold cuts, cheese, butter, jam, a boiled egg, sweet cream cheese and a glass of fresh orange juice with pulp – all for only € 5.95. You can upsize it to a portion for two for € 9.95. I added a cup of peppermint tea, which cost me € 2.40.

With a day of sightseeing and/or strolling along the shopping streets of Cologne, I’d say a brunch at Fromme is perfect to start things off. Not convinced? Check out this eyecandy:

Brunch in Cologne

Brunch in Cologne

Brunch in Cologne

Brunch in Cologne

Brunch in Cologne

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 8:30 – 19:00
Saturday: 8:30 – 18:30
Sunday: 10:30 – 18:00