Land der Berge…

Großglockner 1

Hey how YOU doin’? October has just started and I’m still mourning the end of summer. Mostly because the ice cream shops will close soon, if they haven’t done so already. Never mind that I was complaining about the heat and the fact that I can’t wear shorts to work most of the time. It’s just that despite the intense heat, this has been one of the best summers I’ve had. Turning 29 sure did me good! I went to fun concerts (some of them were free!) and festivals, visited Scandinavia, gone on weekend trips, watched a play, spent quality time with my friends and family. I might even call it an Instagram-able summer. Hashtag lame description.

One of those Instagram-able moments was our trip to Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria. Being my ever-so-unathletic self, I was happy that there was no climbing involved. My aunt, my uncle, and I were on the road before 7 AM, and with a pitstop for breakfast at around 8, we reached Grossglockner High Alpine Road by noon time. The timing was great because when we arrived, we had lunch on one of the benches, facing this amazing view: Großglockner 2

The great thing is that even at 3,798m, a lot of bikers ride up the mountain! I really admire their fitness! I, on the other hand, got carsick from the zigzag road. :/

Großglockner 3

Oh hey there, groundhog!

Großglockner 4 Großglockner 5

Aside from the breathtaking panoramic view of the Austrian alps, the air is just the best. It seems weird to describe air as best, but it was just so pure, so fresh, so fragrant! So yes, it’s just the best air ever.

Großglockner 6