Flashback Friday {Rome at Night}

A few times too many have I made the mistake of wearing new shoes when large amounts of walking were required. I always seem to forget that even the flattest, most comfortable shoes need breaking in. Now I am a wiser woman and only bring my FitFlops on sightseeing and to-and-from-work walks in the summer. My feet thanked me in Rome because Rome is not a city for walking in high heels (on second thought, maybe no European city is) unless you have to have perfect balance, good stamina and very strong ankles. We walked from morning till night – just how it should be, because the views at night were just as magnificent as during daytime.
We only stopped for photo opps, gelato and food. On our first evening, we had a bit of a hard time finding the Pantheon, but when we finally found it, we stayed a while to take lots of photos. It was beautiful, well-lit and so well-preserved. It almost looked new. When we were done and moving to the next tourist site, we realized the building we marveled about wasn’t the Pantheon at all. Fail.
So anyway, here goes Rome at night:

{Rome, August 2010}