Cooling down with bamboo

One of my favorite moments of this summer was hanging out in the bamboo tower in Linz. From afar, it looked like it was made of wicker.

bamboo tower 1

Coming closer, it became apparent that it was bamboo, which instantly transported me to the Philippines.

While some of the other towers that were part of the Höhenrausch.3 – The Art of Towers were meant to be climbed, the Bamboo Tower was meant to be a “contemplative, inward-looking, light-flooded space.” The fact that we had to leave our shoes by the entrance of the tower already made me feel a little zen-like.

bamboo tower 2

Spot the shoehorn!

bamboo tower 3

Stepping in was magical. It was so much cooler inside the tower, which was so welcome after hours of walking in the 28-degree heat. People were either sitting or lying down, and just relaxing.

bamboo tower 4

You can see the Sacral Towers, still part of the exhibition, from inside the bamboo tower.

bamboo tower

bamboo tower 5

So here’s my new goal: build a bamboo tower and spend all my summer days in there. I’ll hang out there in the evenings with my friends while listening to this song by Bamboo:

5 things in Linz

Ah, Linz. As much as I love Vienna, Linz has completely charmed and surprised me. It has an urban flair and cultural savvy mixed with small town friendliness. Plus, it’s a mere four hours away from Vienna by train! We got a great deal from West Travel that included train tickets and an overnight stay at Arcotel Nike for €89 each, so we got on a morning train on August 17 for a short trip to third largest city in Austria.

5 things I love about Linz

Linz Main Square – the impressive Pestsäule, the classic buildings, and the colorful Saturday market are so picturesque and full of excitement

The Marco Polo exhibition at Schlossmuseum – Marco! A true inspiration to any traveler. Polo!

The Höhenrausch.3 exhibit at the OÖ Kulturquartier – the best, most awesome way to see this beautiful city. The view from the towers is just breathtaking.

Landstraße – I didn’t go shopping; walking along this pretty shopping street was enough. So charming.

The original Linzer Torte at Jindrak Konditorei – Sacher Torte is to Vienna as LInzer Torte is to Linz. A must-try!