getting nauti-cal in Oslo

Growing up in a city, I used to be a little envious of my friends who would visit their grandparents in the countryside during weekends. They had all these fun stories about gardens, dogs, hedgehogs, and apple-picking. When we finally moved to a province, I really missed the urban life. So it’s true, the grass really is greener on the other side. Now, however, I feel lucky to live in a quiet, but not remote part of a city, next to a river. The sunsets are beautiful, and the sunrises, however rare I experience them, cast a spectacular glow. I just love looking outside my window and seeing the Danube river. It makes me miss the Philippines and its seas a little less. That’s why any new destination with any kind of body of water really makes me happy.

I went to Oslo in late September and was so pleased with the cool, but sunny weather. Midsummer and its long days might have been over, but in the early evening the sun was still shining bright, like a diamond giving us so much more time to explore the city. As we walked past the Oslo City Hall, the refreshing view of the harbor said “hei” to us. And this view, well, it had me at “hei” *whispers* it had me at hei.

Oslo 1

Oslo 2

Oslo 3

Oslo 4

Oslo 5

In other nautical news, we also went to the Viking Ship Museum, which, as a fan of the cartoon series Wickie und die starken Männer, fascinated me.

Oslo 6

This is the Oseberg ship, a burial ship for two wealthy ladies who died in the year 834. Yes, 834.

Oslo 7

Oslo 8

If you’re a little lost, a trip to the self-help section could be beneficial.

Oslo 9

Travel Accessories Wishlist

I’m very excited to be going on three more trips soon – what a way to end the year, right? I’ll be spending the Christmas holidays with my family in the Philippines, where we have the longest Christmas season (September to beginning of January). I am really looking forward to the festivities, the warm weather, my parents, my brother, my granny, everything and almost everyone. My travel agent informed me that I have a whopping 40 kg baggage allowance (for which I’d have the perfect huge ass suitcase for), but have to use two suitcases for it. It’s not a problem; I’m grateful I’ve got wonderful people in my life who offered to let me borrow their suitcases. I am still dreaming of owning (but not buying) a very nice Rimowa trunk and went as far as holding one, pushing it around, looking at myself in the mirror with it. After seeing a beat-up silver Rimowa suitcase on the conveyor belt at the JFK airport, I was convinced that the price wasn’t worth it. But every time I see a Rimowa case, I just fall in love with it. Maybe I will own one that’s not in silver.

Other travel accessories I fantasize about?


Minimergency Kit

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

2. Minimergency Kit

Travel Accessories Wishlist: lovely and luxe edition

How’s your week so far? Flying by or dragging along? For me it seems like it’s a mix of both, if that’s at all possible. Listening to Joshua Radin right now – very fitting for this cool weather. I’m currently battling a cold, but my deadlines keep me awake. I must admit, it does feel good to check off as many tasks on my to-do list as possible. Along with it also comes the bitter realization that sometimes you have to accept that not all tasks can be done in a day, and that there’s still tomorrow. I’m already looking forward to the weekend – busy weeks like this make my weekends feel extra well-deserved. Wait – why am I rambling on about work? On to the important stuff! I bought tickets to the Michael Bublé concert in Vienna in January! It feels strange to already make social plans for January.  Oh, and here’s what I’m wishing for right now:

1. Scratch Map Travel Journal
2. How to be an Explorer of the World
3. Cashmere Getaway Hoodie
4. Frye Engineer boots
5. Olivia Large Satchel

Happy window shopping!

Checking in

Hey there. I haven’t started a new blog in a while – in fact I haven’t properly blogged in a long time, except post a little bit here and there, so I don’t really know how to start this. I’ve had different career aspirations in my life – from supermarket cashier to cinema ticket checker, newscaster to ghost singer – but one constant goal has been to travel the world. I’ve got a long way to go, and I hope this little corner on the internet will chronicle my trips.

Speaking of chronicling, a friend of mine introduced me to a wonderful documentary film about a man who wanted to bicycle around the world. With no maps or guidebooks, he set out on a trip of a lifetime with his bike, backpack and a video camera. Whether you are jaded about love, work, or life in general, Janapar is an inspiring, real story about adventure, falling in love, choosing the life you want – with a great musical score.