Flashback Friday: It’s on like Donkey Kong in Hong Kong

Let me share a few photos and notes from my Hong Kong trip in December 2011.

me and Karl on the top deck of a double decker bus

Although nothing beats the speed of MTRs, I love double decker buses because they give you a good glimpse of the city without having to board one of those expensive hop-on hop-off buses. 
neon signs and bamboo scaffolding!

The colors of Hong Kong are simply stunning. Our hotel was just off Nathan Lane, which was buzzing with energy and bursting with color whether it was day or night.

Statue Square, where Pinoys like to gather on Sundays
Ging walking out of the Stanley Post Office

We took a bus to visit the Stanley Market on our last 0.5 day to discover that the Stanley area had all kinds of Stanley establishments: a police station, pet store, market and a post office, among many others.

our friendship boots! we DMs!

My DMs are my favorite footwear for travel for non-summer trips because they’re super comfortable, rain-proof (case in point: the Verona trip I haven’t blogged about yet) and photogenic. Not to mention cool.
happy condoms on a bus!