No Stopovers in Athens

Athens changing of the guards I never tire of watching the changing of the guards. I admire the tradition, precision, and art that goes into into it.


Athens guards


Athens - night view of the AcropolisMy favorite thing about my hotel: the view of the Acropolis from the rooftop, especially at night. ❤


Athens - OlympieionThe Archeological Site of Olympeion, where the Temple of Olympian Zeus is located.


Athens - exit




Athens - Acropolis I can’t even describe the feeling I got when faced with the grandeur of the Acropolis. It is so beautiful (even when under construction), so grand, so historical. There’s quite a climb to get up there, but it’s so worth it.


Athens - Acropolis


Athens - ampitheater

No Stopovers visited Athens, Greece in March 2013.

Sweet treats in Athens


Loukoumades, Greece’s version of a doughnut, is best enjoyed warm, sprinkled with cinnamon,  doused with honey, with a side of vanilla ice cream, and shared (because one serving is huge). Oh, and yes, with Greek coffee of course. I got to try this pastry in Athens last year. I admit it, it’s nothing like my favorite baklava, but it’s a sweet treat that’s great in the afternoon.

Greek coffee

Not so traditional, but delicious all the same was the frozen yoghurt at yogolicious. No, actually, it’s even better. It’s the best frozen yoghurt with toppings I have ever had.


They had rows upon rows toppings – fresh fruits, dried fruits, cereals, chocolate (Maltesers, Kitkat, Kinder Bueno!), sauces, macarons (!), and all things good. Amazing.

yogolicious toppings