Travel Accessories Wishlist

I’m very excited to be going on three more trips soon – what a way to end the year, right? I’ll be spending the Christmas holidays with my family in the Philippines, where we have the longest Christmas season (September to beginning of January). I am really looking forward to the festivities, the warm weather, my parents, my brother, my granny, everything and almost everyone. My travel agent informed me that I have a whopping 40 kg baggage allowance (for which I’d have the perfect huge ass suitcase for), but have to use two suitcases for it. It’s not a problem; I’m grateful I’ve got wonderful people in my life who offered to let me borrow their suitcases. I am still dreaming of owning (but not buying) a very nice Rimowa trunk and went as far as holding one, pushing it around, looking at myself in the mirror with it. After seeing a beat-up silver Rimowa suitcase on the conveyor belt at the JFK airport, I was convinced that the price wasn’t worth it. But every time I see a Rimowa case, I just fall in love with it. Maybe I will own one that’s not in silver.

Other travel accessories I fantasize about?


Minimergency Kit

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

2. Minimergency Kit

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