Travel Accessories Wishlist: lovely and luxe edition

How’s your week so far? Flying by or dragging along? For me it seems like it’s a mix of both, if that’s at all possible. Listening to Joshua Radin right now – very fitting for this cool weather. I’m currently battling a cold, but my deadlines keep me awake. I must admit, it does feel good to check off as many tasks on my to-do list as possible. Along with it also comes the bitter realization that sometimes you have to accept that not all tasks can be done in a day, and that there’s still tomorrow. I’m already looking forward to the weekend – busy weeks like this make my weekends feel extra well-deserved. Wait – why am I rambling on about work? On to the important stuff! I bought tickets to the Michael Bublé concert in Vienna in January! It feels strange to already make social plans for January.  Oh, and here’s what I’m wishing for right now:

1. Scratch Map Travel Journal
2. How to be an Explorer of the World
3. Cashmere Getaway Hoodie
4. Frye Engineer boots
5. Olivia Large Satchel

Happy window shopping!

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