Cuties in Cologne

I really didn’t have an itinerary for my Cologne trip. There is no Lonely Planet city guide for Cologne, and sadly, I feel a little lost without an LP. So mostly, I just based my daily activities on the weather (the rain was just crazy! it was April after all), my energy level and my mood. On the first day, I just got totally lost and wandered off past a really huge cemetery (I was rather creeped out) and into a residential area when all I wanted was to visit a trendy neighborhood I read about. Oops.

But whaddyaknow, walking is the only exercise I am really good at, so getting lost is no problem for me at all. I always find my way back.

Walking miles and miles, I not only accumulate steps on my Fitbit, but also get to see a lot of random stuff. Here, a round-up of cute things (and a person) I saw:

cuties in CologneI passed by the City Hall of Cologne when a wedding just ended and spotted this cute flower girl hanging out by herself. And look at that jacket! OMG so cute.


cuties in CologneAt the House of 4711, I found this cute vending machine on display. It says “please refresh yourself”


cuties in CologneThese two are just irresistible!


cuties in CologneI was so happy to see this little one, because I used to watch Die Sendung mit der Maus when I was a kid!


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