Try New Things: Köln edition


Cologne: new city, new chance to TNT or Try New Things! I was really excited to get a ticket to Foxes‘ concert at the Artheater in Cologne, Germany back in April. I think I first heard her sing on one of my fave Fall Out Boy songs, Just One Yesterday:


As excited as I was, I was also anxious because I would be doing two things I’ve been wanting try: go to a concert alone and go to a bar alone. Because I arrived a little early, I spent some time at the bar and ordered a beer. And I survived. But being in a social place by myself felt very awkward because I was extremely self-conscious. Maybe I should have had more beers. Once inside the venue, things were more fun because everyone was smiling, dancing, singing, and cheering. A little small talk among fans. It was okay, but for me, concerts are something to be shared among friends, so I probably won’t be going to a concert (and a bar) alone anytime soon. I am glad, however, to have been brave enough to cross both items off my list. Another Comfort Zone Challenge completed.


The guy on the keyboard, Sam Kennedy, was really cute. I couldn’t help staring hahaha. Oh, and he’s on instagram!


Foxes’ voice already sounds great on records, but live it’s even more amazing! She has easily one of my favorite voices these days. It was so good. I’m sooo glad I get to watch her again in Vienna, because she’s opening for Pharrell in September! Woohoo!

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