Postcard-pretty Kanoni


After seeing a lot of postcards with Kanoni, I wanted to see it for myself. This part of Corfu is named after the canons that used to protect the city. From Corfu town, I took the 2a bus and missed my stop.

Kanoni I should have gotten off the bus when I saw this cannon.

KanoniWalking past the cannon, through a café and down the stairs, this view greeted me: tiny Pontikonisi or Mouse Island, and the Vlacherna Monastery.

I quickly went down the steps so I could get closer to the magnificent view.

KanoniSoon, I found out that the better way to see it is from an airplane, as Kanoni is really close to the Corfu’s runway at the airport.

{I didn’t notice it on the flight to Corfu because before we landed, there was really bad turbulence. I’ve never been more scared in my life. I needed the whole afternoon to recover.}

KanoniThe Vlacherna Monastery of Panayia looks so serene against the background of the bright blue sky.

KanoniLike a gate to paradise.



KanoniThe obligatory selfie.

KanoniMouse Island! You can rent a boat to take you there.

Kanoni After feasting my eyes on such beautiful sights, I had to feast on great food as well.

KanoniTrying the local beer – ice cold on hot days – is a must for me.

I highly recommend going to Kanoni in Corfu – it is a picturesque place that is simple and serene. Truly a postcard-worthy view that you have to see for yourself.

Taal Basilica

When I still lived in the Philippines, every Good Friday, my family and I used to visit different churches around Batangas, and the Taal Basilica, or Basilica de San Martin de Tours, was always my favorite. I loved the old facade, the stairs leading up to the church, and how simple it was even in its grandness. So different from the usual opulence one sees. These days, whenever I visit the country, I try to visit Taal Basilica. Last December, we attended a wedding held there. I was so excited because I heard the church was newly restored.

Taal Basilica Taal Basilica Taal BasilicaI love the combination of blue and gold.

Taal Basilica Taal BasilicaI wonder how many people had their pictures taken at this spot!

Taal BasilicaOkay, the Taal Cultural Center nearby isn’t really part of the church, but I loved the steps and the casual red carpet.

Taal BasilicaI was easily distracted by the ceiling (or is it a dome?). The light coming in was so beautiful, I couldn’t really capture it with the camera. I was so mesmerized that I didn’t take that many photos inside the church. I just wanted to look at it.


Taal BasilicaMary among bricks. I didn’t see any sign nearby, but there must be an interesting story to this.