Postcard-pretty Kanoni


After seeing a lot of postcards with Kanoni, I wanted to see it for myself. This part of Corfu is named after the canons that used to protect the city. From Corfu town, I took the 2a bus and missed my stop.

Kanoni I should have gotten off the bus when I saw this cannon.

KanoniWalking past the cannon, through a café and down the stairs, this view greeted me: tiny Pontikonisi or Mouse Island, and the Vlacherna Monastery.

I quickly went down the steps so I could get closer to the magnificent view.

KanoniSoon, I found out that the better way to see it is from an airplane, as Kanoni is really close to the Corfu’s runway at the airport.

{I didn’t notice it on the flight to Corfu because before we landed, there was really bad turbulence. I’ve never been more scared in my life. I needed the whole afternoon to recover.}

KanoniThe Vlacherna Monastery of Panayia looks so serene against the background of the bright blue sky.

KanoniLike a gate to paradise.



KanoniThe obligatory selfie.

KanoniMouse Island! You can rent a boat to take you there.

Kanoni After feasting my eyes on such beautiful sights, I had to feast on great food as well.

KanoniTrying the local beer – ice cold on hot days – is a must for me.

I highly recommend going to Kanoni in Corfu – it is a picturesque place that is simple and serene. Truly a postcard-worthy view that you have to see for yourself.

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