McDonald’s in Corfu

Ah, McDonald’s. It’s so familiar, it’s almost like home. When traveling, I try to eat the local delicacies, but there are a few situations when I give in and eat at McDonald’s, like when I’m really hungry and it’s the closest thing, when traveling with kids who insist on eating there, and when I just miss eating something familiar. After all, whether you call it a Quarter Pounder with Cheese or Royale with Cheese, it’s all good. Some travelers, like author Jessica Zafra who chronicled her trips in Twisted Travels, likes to try the Big Mac in all countries she visits. {I haven’t tried that many countries’ Big Macs, but I noticed that the Philippines’ Big Mac sauce is sweeter than Austria’s. The Big Mac in Austria has a rather tangy sauce – I love both}. Others, like Travelling McDonald’s, eats McDonald’s around the world.

In Corfu, I really enjoyed all the Greek food, I never even had a chance to miss McDo. I did love seeing this branch at the Spianada, though. The Corfu branch is located at the ground floor of a hotel building. Low-key without the golden arches and red background, it blended in quite nicely with the pastel hues of the other buildings along the street.

2 thoughts on “McDonald’s in Corfu

  1. That McDonalds looks so fancy! I usually try McDonalds in new countries then feel guilty immediately after. No matter where you go a Big Mac is a Big Mac…no surprises. That’s a good thing though.


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