Sunday Song of the Day: 7/4 Shoreline

This week’s Sunday Song is 7/4 Shoreline by Broken Social Scene.


The photo of the day is one I took during my holiday in Lisbon, Portugal two years ago. I decided to be adventurous and lied on a surfboard went surfing at Costa da Caparica. As a first-time unsuccessful surfer, it was scarier than it was fun. By the time I kind of got the hang of it, the waves got too big and we had to get out of the water. My surfing instructor Rui from Epic Surf School assured me that although there are some naturals who get it the first time, there are also some who have to try a few times to learn surfing. As challenging and scary as it was, it’s definitely not my last surfing session. I’m looking forward to conquering waves while actually standing on a surfbort.

beach, PortugalHave you tried surfing? I’m curious, what was your first surfing experience like?

Happy Sunday!

Portugal product packaging

Lisbon, which I visited in October 2012, has beautiful people, delicious meals, and breathtaking views. It’s a very hilly city, but with every uphill walk, the view is worth it. What surprised me though, was the all the  beautiful product packaging I found there. I wanted to buy everything I saw, but with limited luggage allowance, I made do with taking photos of all the cool cans, boxes, and bottles.
Portugal product packaging  Portugal product packaging Portugal product packaging Portugal product packaging Portugal product packaging Portugal product packaging Portugal product packaging Portugal product packaging


Portugal product packaging

Flashback Friday: colors & chocolate at M&M

{Back in March 2012, I went to London, one of my favorite cities and got caught in a sugar rush at M&M’s World}

We went to M&M’s World in London under the pretense that it’s for our 2 year-old companion Yssa’s entertainment. More than an hour later, it was apparent that all of us grown-ups had just as much fun, maybe even more, as Yssa. Who wouldn’t cheer up with so much color and sweetness?
While my favorite M&M’s flavor is peanut butter (I think it also might be the most fattening), I was on a mission to find the dark chocolate variety. I discovered them in New York and must have bought them at Duane Reade or CVS (seriously, I love drugstores). My friends and I munched the chocolate  and Combos while having wine (we so classy). We loved the dark choc M&M’s and thought would find them at the airport, but couldn’t. Sadly they weren’t available in London yet*.
With 4 floors filled with merchandise, sweets and the lovable mascots that make for great photo opps, M&M’s world is like a small amusement park. For a chocolate junkie like me, it’s better than Disneyland.
I really loved this wall with 22 colors of chocolate candies. 


I couldn’t help filling a bag with my favorite colors plus white because according to the Official Colour Analyser, white is my color mood.


Festive! Wouldn’t mind celebrating with a bottle of that 🙂


Yssa approves



Red looking very official


recreating The Beatles crossing Abbey Road! so cute!
side note: I passed Abbey Road twice by bus, but couldn’t quite figure out where this famous crossing is. Another excuse to go back to my beloved LDN 🙂

1 Swiss Court
Westminster, London WC2H 7
(in Leicester Square)

Store Hours:

Monday-Saturday: 10am-Midnight
Sunday: Noon-6pm
* one week later, my colleague went to New York and got me a big bag of M&M’s Dark Chocolate ❤

Sunday Song of the Day: Budapest

One of my favorite things at home is my shower radio. I start my days with a shower and singing along to R&B songs. And with this confession, I also want to share the Sunday Song of the Day, Budapest by George Ezra, along with a photo I took two years ago in – yes, that’s right – Budapest. Have a great Sunday, everyone!


5 reasons to love Corfu Town

Aside from my favorites parts of Corfu, Kanoni and the beach, I also fell in love with Corfu Town.  The pastel-colored buildings, the bright blue sky, the absence of skyscrapers, and even the laundry lines are immensely beautiful. During my week-long stay in Corfu, I went to charming Corfu Town several times, walking around, eating bread from Panetteria, taking in the sights and taking pictures. Heavenly.

Here are five reasons to love Corfu Town {there are many more, but I narrowed it down}

Corfu town Corfu town Corfu town Corfu town Corfu town

Achillion Palace

Empress Elisabeth of Austria, lovingly known as Sissi, was a beautiful, enigmatic woman. Her youth, beauty, and mystery inspired arts and entertainment – I particularly like Sissi starring Romy Schneider, and the musical Elisabeth. Because her sheltered life made her feel lonely, she started to go on frequent travels. In 1890, she had a palace built in her favorite place, Corfu, and named it  Achillion Palace, after her favorite Greek hero Achilles.

Located in the South of Corfu town, Achillion is easily accessible with bus line 10. If you like royalty, splendor, and neoclassicism, try to visit, but go early to avoid the crowds.

Entrance fee: €7
Audio guide: €3

Achillion Palace

Achillion Palace Achillion Palace Achilles heel

Achillion Palace Trying to blend in with the muses, but that didn’t quite work

Achillion Palace Loved this muse, Thalia, who looks like she is taking a selfie. Thalia represents good cheer and festivity.

Achillion Palace You talkin’ to me?

Achillion PalaceTrying on Sissi’s jewels

Achillion Palace