Achillion Palace

Empress Elisabeth of Austria, lovingly known as Sissi, was a beautiful, enigmatic woman. Her youth, beauty, and mystery inspired arts and entertainment – I particularly like Sissi starring Romy Schneider, and the musical Elisabeth. Because her sheltered life made her feel lonely, she started to go on frequent travels. In 1890, she had a palace built in her favorite place, Corfu, and named it  Achillion Palace, after her favorite Greek hero Achilles.

Located in the South of Corfu town, Achillion is easily accessible with bus line 10. If you like royalty, splendor, and neoclassicism, try to visit, but go early to avoid the crowds.

Entrance fee: €7
Audio guide: €3

Achillion Palace

Achillion Palace Achillion Palace Achilles heel

Achillion Palace Trying to blend in with the muses, but that didn’t quite work

Achillion Palace Loved this muse, Thalia, who looks like she is taking a selfie. Thalia represents good cheer and festivity.

Achillion Palace You talkin’ to me?

Achillion PalaceTrying on Sissi’s jewels

Achillion Palace

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