Sunday Song of the Day: No Other Way ❤

OMG this song. The beat is so chill, so summery, and Sinead Harnett‘s voice is so beautiful. Listen, listen to this well!

I took this photo eons ago during a trip to Subic, Philippines with my office friends. I remember having a lot of fun, but I don’t recall some details, like sleeping. I know we had a hotel room, but did we sleep? There’s a picture of one of my friends passed out on the floor. I remember going to the beach and walking along this boardwalk before having a nice breakfast. Eight years and a move across continents later, I find out that one of the friends I was with during this trip is the cousin of my officemate here. Small world. Anyway, I chose this picture because the vibe is very fitting, and although the song seems to be about love, it also applies to friendship.

Happy Sunday, friends!


Sunday Song of the Day: Lost Stars

I’ve been waiting for the Austrian release date of the movie Begin Again for so long, and when it finally arrived, I was lucky enough to get tickets to its premiere. And wow, was the wait worth it. I can’t remember any other movie making me smile, laugh, relate to, and inspire me so much. It was light and hopeful without being cheesy. A beautiful, beautiful film. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack ever since. Here’s one of my favorites from the film, Lost Stars, performed by the platinum blonde Adam Levine.

Aside from the music and the characters, New York City also played a special part in Begin Again. The film beautifully captured the distinctiveness and the grit that makes the city so unique. I took the photos of the day when I went to New York four years ago, with my Diana Mini, still my favorite camera. I love the double exposure, the softness, and the grain that make me feel so nostalgic about my visit to the city.

NYC Subway

Bethesda Fountain

Sunday Song of the Day: 7/4 Shoreline

This week’s Sunday Song is 7/4 Shoreline by Broken Social Scene.


The photo of the day is one I took during my holiday in Lisbon, Portugal two years ago. I decided to be adventurous and lied on a surfboard went surfing at Costa da Caparica. As a first-time unsuccessful surfer, it was scarier than it was fun. By the time I kind of got the hang of it, the waves got too big and we had to get out of the water. My surfing instructor Rui from Epic Surf School assured me that although there are some naturals who get it the first time, there are also some who have to try a few times to learn surfing. As challenging and scary as it was, it’s definitely not my last surfing session. I’m looking forward to conquering waves while actually standing on a surfbort.

beach, PortugalHave you tried surfing? I’m curious, what was your first surfing experience like?

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Song of the Day: Budapest

One of my favorite things at home is my shower radio. I start my days with a shower and singing along to R&B songs. And with this confession, I also want to share the Sunday Song of the Day, Budapest by George Ezra, along with a photo I took two years ago in – yes, that’s right – Budapest. Have a great Sunday, everyone!