Flashback Friday: Fair Verona

My friends Jo, Gerald and I went on a trip to Verona, home of Romeo and Juliet, on one of our long weekends in November three years ago. We were more than happy to escape cold Vienna, but didn’t expect it to rain so hard in fair Verona. We were lucky to have a few hours with just drizzle when we arrived, and when it really started pouring we still tried to walk under the rain w/ our cheap umbrellas and raincoat, but we ended up cold and soaked. We eventually tried to make the most of it by spending a lot of time at cafés and restaurants.
Some of the dry moments:
we passed this bridge every day. lovely view, must be even more magical in Summer
Truffle tagliatelle 
I was a bit disappointed seeing this: the entrance to Juliet’s house was covered in graffiti and used gum
Romeo Oh Romeo?


Sunday Song of the Day: Lost Stars

I’ve been waiting for the Austrian release date of the movie Begin Again for so long, and when it finally arrived, I was lucky enough to get tickets to its premiere. And wow, was the wait worth it. I can’t remember any other movie making me smile, laugh, relate to, and inspire me so much. It was light and hopeful without being cheesy. A beautiful, beautiful film. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack ever since. Here’s one of my favorites from the film, Lost Stars, performed by the platinum blonde Adam Levine.

Aside from the music and the characters, New York City also played a special part in Begin Again. The film beautifully captured the distinctiveness and the grit that makes the city so unique. I took the photos of the day when I went to New York four years ago, with my Diana Mini, still my favorite camera. I love the double exposure, the softness, and the grain that make me feel so nostalgic about my visit to the city.

NYC Subway

Bethesda Fountain

Flashback Friday: Mainz in Detail {Easter 2012}

After having brunch and checking out the market at the Medieval Festival at Mainz-Kastel, we decided to cross the bridge connecting the district of Mainz-Kastel and the city of Mainz. I love looking at architecture and going to churches, but sometimes looking at old buildings and churches can be quite overwhelming, especially in European cities. That’s why I like to capture quirky details that make a place unique.


I found it weird at first, but this stained glass window is awesome with its psychedelic vibe. Very Christopher Kane.


Cy and I kept making Hunger Games references. I mean, come on, look at this huge hourglass! It’s like we’re in the arena. It’s the biggest hourglass in the world, by the way.


snail mail


 moody shot at the ruins of St. Christoph Church, where Johannes Gutenberg was presumably baptized. Gutenberg is a hero. He invented the printing press, so we’ve got him to thank for our books!





 half-meter sausage



Wednesday Wishlist


one ❤ With natural ingredients that fight drowsiness, exhaustion, fatigue, dehydration, and vertigo, TravelEase spray by Sprayology  is the perfect antidote for jet lag. Since I’m very prone to motion sickness, any other way to combat it aside from sleeping (which is so effective, but I tend to miss out on in-flight movies, stunning sunsets and beautiful clouds) is very welcome. 

two ❤ While I love to capture moments during my trips on instagram, I also love to keep a small travel journal where I can stick on tickets, receipts and stickers. I found this logbook on etsy and fell in love with it. 

three ❤ Hopefully someday, I’ll be less dependent on the internet, but in the meantime, this pocket wifi seems like the best invention ever. 

Sweet treats in Athens


Loukoumades, Greece’s version of a doughnut, is best enjoyed warm, sprinkled with cinnamon,  doused with honey, with a side of vanilla ice cream, and shared (because one serving is huge). Oh, and yes, with Greek coffee of course. I got to try this pastry in Athens last year. I admit it, it’s nothing like my favorite baklava, but it’s a sweet treat that’s great in the afternoon.

Greek coffee

Not so traditional, but delicious all the same was the frozen yoghurt at yogolicious. No, actually, it’s even better. It’s the best frozen yoghurt with toppings I have ever had.


They had rows upon rows toppings – fresh fruits, dried fruits, cereals, chocolate (Maltesers, Kitkat, Kinder Bueno!), sauces, macarons (!), and all things good. Amazing.

yogolicious toppings

Sunday Song of the Day: Schöner Moment

This week’s Sunday song is by Chapeau Claque & Pretty Pink, and it’s called Schöner Moment (German for beautiful moment). Perfect for a chill weekend.


With this song, I also want to share a beautiful moment I captured at the Summernight’s Concert at Schönbrunn two years ago. It was my first (and so far, last) time to go to the Sommernachtskonzert – the sound system at our spot was bad (we didn’t know that the speakers were in another area) but I remember the good company, the free classical music, the sunset, and the amazing view of the city of Vienna. It’s moments like this that make me fall in love over and over again with the Viennese summer.

Sommernachtskonzert Schönbrunn

Oh, happy Sunday to you! What were you up to? Would love it if you said hi!

Flashback Friday: a knight’s tale in Mainz-Kastel {Easter 2012}

During the Easter weekend in 2012, I flew out to Hessen, Germany to celebrate with Cy and her husband, Uwe. I’m so happy they took me in for a few days. I really enjoyed the cozy and delicious dinner and bonding over DSDS (the German version of Idol). On Easter Sunday, instead of driving to Cologne, we drove to Mainz-Kastel to visit a Medieval Festival – the deciding factors being a Google search and the weather forecast. My first time to go to a Medieval Festival, I was excited and kind of wished I had something Middle Age-y to wear.



We all know about Ferris Wheels, but this manually operated one is really cool


 aaaah roasted pig!


This roasted pig sandwich was my brunch. I had to compare it to the Filipino lechon, of course. This one was juicy, but a bit too salty for me. The bread nicely complimented the saltiness, though. Very filling.


 that’s entertainment


 playing with fire


 this was my favorite performance. bagpipes, drums and dancing



I couldn’t help taking a shot (pun intended) at being Katniss. Or Hawkeye.


Me & Cy


 Tim & Uwe


Play that funky music, white boy.