Flashback Friday: a knight’s tale in Mainz-Kastel {Easter 2012}

During the Easter weekend in 2012, I flew out to Hessen, Germany to celebrate with Cy and her husband, Uwe. I’m so happy they took me in for a few days. I really enjoyed the cozy and delicious dinner and bonding over DSDS (the German version of Idol). On Easter Sunday, instead of driving to Cologne, we drove to Mainz-Kastel to visit a Medieval Festival – the deciding factors being a Google search and the weather forecast. My first time to go to a Medieval Festival, I was excited and kind of wished I had something Middle Age-y to wear.



We all know about Ferris Wheels, but this manually operated one is really cool


 aaaah roasted pig!


This roasted pig sandwich was my brunch. I had to compare it to the Filipino lechon, of course. This one was juicy, but a bit too salty for me. The bread nicely complimented the saltiness, though. Very filling.


 that’s entertainment


 playing with fire


 this was my favorite performance. bagpipes, drums and dancing



I couldn’t help taking a shot (pun intended) at being Katniss. Or Hawkeye.


Me & Cy


 Tim & Uwe


Play that funky music, white boy.

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