Taal, Heritage Town

In high school, we had to learn about our province Batangas through the Aral ng Batangueño. We even had a book, and some sort of vow, and while I don’t remember much of what I ‘learned’, at the time it was nice to find out about the different towns and cities my crushes were from in Batangas. I never asked people from other places, but now I wonder if they had subjects about their provinces, too.

Anyway, when we went to Taal to attend a wedding, my brother and I snuck out of the ceremony to walk around the town. Taal is known for producing balisong and barong tagalog (an embroidered formal dress shirt), so people would travel to the town market to get these.
Taal, Heritage TownThis is kaartehan sa palengke.
Taal, Heritage TownThey sell colorful dresses and wedding gowns, too!
Oh, and the houses. So beautiful.  Let’s take a walk…

Taal, Heritage Town Taal, Heritage Town Taal, Heritage Town Taal, Heritage Town Taal, Heritage Town Taal, Heritage Town

3 thoughts on “Taal, Heritage Town

    • it is worth a visit, Elise! The town of Taal is beautiful. Aside from the traditional ancestral houses, you’d also enjoy tapa, another specialty from the town


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