Wien Weekend tip!

Wiener-RathausplatzIf you’re in Vienna this weekend, go to Rathausplatz if you like food, music, and films.

I went last week with my friend Dani. It was really hot, so I ordered maki called “Marilyn Monroll”  from a sushi place. We scarfed down our food (Dani got vegetarian Gyoza) and caught up. The opera shown in front of City Hall was great, but we spent more time chatting than listening.

If you like free entertainment, good food and open air events, the Rathausplatz Film Festival is for you (and me – you’ll probably find me there sipping an ice cold drink). Here’s what they have in store  in the next few days:

Saturday, 9:30 PM: Otello Ossia Il Moro Di Venezia
Sunday, 12:00 PM: Aquarius Jazzband
Sunday, 9:30 PM: The New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Monday, 9:30 PM: Gala Concert from Saint Petersburg
Tuesday, 9:30 PM: The Magic Flute
Wednesday, 9:30 PM: The Land of Smiles
Thursday, 9:30 PM: In Memoriam Lou Reed – Live at Montreux

Happy weekend!

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