Stockholm Syndroam

How was your summer? It has been a really sizzling summer in Vienna, and by the time August hit, the intense heat wave was at its peak reaching 39 degrees, so my trip to Stockholm was the perfect way to chill out – literally and figuratively. After arriving in Stockholm on a 6 AM flight and no sleep, my friend Joahnna and I decided to explore the city first the lazy effortless, yet informative way – by boarding the Historical Canal Tour.

We went to the visitors center at the airport to claim our Stockholm Cards that we ordered online. With it, tourists get to use public transportation and go to major museums and attractions for free. It’s really worth it (but more on that in another post)! While the Arlanda Express is a really efficient and cheap way to get from the Arlanda airport to Stockholm Central Station, where our hotel is conveniently located, we wanted to make use of our Stockholm Cards and  use free public transpo. So, we got on a bus to Malsta and switched to a train to Stockholm Central.

Jo and I checked in the hotel, marveled at all the awesome stuff in our room, and via internet, looked for a place nearby to have lunch at. Google Maps can be funny sometimes and show you a four-minute route, when you can just cross the street in less than one. Ha. After a filling lunch at Jensen’s Bofhus, we trekked to Stadshusbron, where the Historical Canal Tour departed.

When you see this flag and this tower, you know you’re in the right place.Image

The weather was alternating between light rain and cloudy, which made made for slightly dramatic shots. If it gets too chilly, there are flannel blankets to keep passengers warm.



I wish I could tell you amazing facts about these awesome buildings but as I said earlier, I had zero sleep, and though interesting, I forgot all the things the audio guide narrated. Weirdly, I only remember Swedish House Mafia, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and ABBA being mentioned.


Oh, and one of the buildings we passed by used to be a prison and has been turned into a hotel! Cool, huh.


Boats and buildings


Look at the amazing architecture.




The views were just amazing. I really enjoyed the 50-minute tour, it was as relaxing as it was informative. Bonus: you’ll even see a few kayaks!

Historical Canal Tour

Price: SEK 160 for adults, free with the Stockholm Card

Departs from Stadshusbron

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