Wednesday Wishlist



It’s Wednesday, yay! When? Huh? What day? Time  to visualize my dream shopping list…

{ 1 } Scrubba portable wash bag – Perfect for long trips and camping, Scurbba is the world’s smallest washing machine. There are only six steps to washing your clothes while traveling, camping or on cruises. Nifty.


{ 2 } Flight 001 Nothing to Declare tote bag – Hi, I’m Ody and I have too many tote bags. I shouldn’t be getting more, but this one is totes cool (pun intended).

{ 3 } Photojojo Pocket Spotlight – Though I tote my camera with me all day when I travel, I actually leave it when I’m just going out to have dinner and drinks. With a smaller, lighter bag in tow, I’d take all my food photos and look-I’m-out-at-night pics with my smart phone, only to look through my gallery of either dark and grainy or too bright and alien-eyed photos that aren’t instagrammable at all! (What horror, right?) This Pocket Spotlight seems to solve that issue.

{ 4 } Dr. Martens Coralie boot – I saw these quilted Docs at Steffl a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love with them.  I have already confessed my love for Doc Martens here, and I already own a few pairs, but the quilt on the Coralie gives the usually tough boots a bit of a chic touch. Love ’em.

No Stopovers in Athens

Athens changing of the guards I never tire of watching the changing of the guards. I admire the tradition, precision, and art that goes into into it.


Athens guards


Athens - night view of the AcropolisMy favorite thing about my hotel: the view of the Acropolis from the rooftop, especially at night. ❤


Athens - OlympieionThe Archeological Site of Olympeion, where the Temple of Olympian Zeus is located.


Athens - exit




Athens - Acropolis I can’t even describe the feeling I got when faced with the grandeur of the Acropolis. It is so beautiful (even when under construction), so grand, so historical. There’s quite a climb to get up there, but it’s so worth it.


Athens - Acropolis


Athens - ampitheater

No Stopovers visited Athens, Greece in March 2013.

Flashback Friday: It’s on like Donkey Kong in Hong Kong

Let me share a few photos and notes from my Hong Kong trip in December 2011.

me and Karl on the top deck of a double decker bus

Although nothing beats the speed of MTRs, I love double decker buses because they give you a good glimpse of the city without having to board one of those expensive hop-on hop-off buses. 
neon signs and bamboo scaffolding!

The colors of Hong Kong are simply stunning. Our hotel was just off Nathan Lane, which was buzzing with energy and bursting with color whether it was day or night.

Statue Square, where Pinoys like to gather on Sundays
Ging walking out of the Stanley Post Office

We took a bus to visit the Stanley Market on our last 0.5 day to discover that the Stanley area had all kinds of Stanley establishments: a police station, pet store, market and a post office, among many others.

our friendship boots! we DMs!

My DMs are my favorite footwear for travel for non-summer trips because they’re super comfortable, rain-proof (case in point: the Verona trip I haven’t blogged about yet) and photogenic. Not to mention cool.
happy condoms on a bus!

Flashback Friday: Fair Verona

My friends Jo, Gerald and I went on a trip to Verona, home of Romeo and Juliet, on one of our long weekends in November three years ago. We were more than happy to escape cold Vienna, but didn’t expect it to rain so hard in fair Verona. We were lucky to have a few hours with just drizzle when we arrived, and when it really started pouring we still tried to walk under the rain w/ our cheap umbrellas and raincoat, but we ended up cold and soaked. We eventually tried to make the most of it by spending a lot of time at cafés and restaurants.
Some of the dry moments:
we passed this bridge every day. lovely view, must be even more magical in Summer
Truffle tagliatelle 
I was a bit disappointed seeing this: the entrance to Juliet’s house was covered in graffiti and used gum
Romeo Oh Romeo?


Flashback Friday: Mainz in Detail {Easter 2012}

After having brunch and checking out the market at the Medieval Festival at Mainz-Kastel, we decided to cross the bridge connecting the district of Mainz-Kastel and the city of Mainz. I love looking at architecture and going to churches, but sometimes looking at old buildings and churches can be quite overwhelming, especially in European cities. That’s why I like to capture quirky details that make a place unique.


I found it weird at first, but this stained glass window is awesome with its psychedelic vibe. Very Christopher Kane.


Cy and I kept making Hunger Games references. I mean, come on, look at this huge hourglass! It’s like we’re in the arena. It’s the biggest hourglass in the world, by the way.


snail mail


 moody shot at the ruins of St. Christoph Church, where Johannes Gutenberg was presumably baptized. Gutenberg is a hero. He invented the printing press, so we’ve got him to thank for our books!





 half-meter sausage