Wednesday Wishlist



It’s Wednesday, yay! When? Huh? What day? Time  to visualize my dream shopping list…

{ 1 } Scrubba portable wash bag – Perfect for long trips and camping, Scurbba is the world’s smallest washing machine. There are only six steps to washing your clothes while traveling, camping or on cruises. Nifty.


{ 2 } Flight 001 Nothing to Declare tote bag – Hi, I’m Ody and I have too many tote bags. I shouldn’t be getting more, but this one is totes cool (pun intended).

{ 3 } Photojojo Pocket Spotlight – Though I tote my camera with me all day when I travel, I actually leave it when I’m just going out to have dinner and drinks. With a smaller, lighter bag in tow, I’d take all my food photos and look-I’m-out-at-night pics with my smart phone, only to look through my gallery of either dark and grainy or too bright and alien-eyed photos that aren’t instagrammable at all! (What horror, right?) This Pocket Spotlight seems to solve that issue.

{ 4 } Dr. Martens Coralie boot – I saw these quilted Docs at Steffl a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love with them.  I have already confessed my love for Doc Martens here, and I already own a few pairs, but the quilt on the Coralie gives the usually tough boots a bit of a chic touch. Love ’em.

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