No Stopovers in Athens

Athens changing of the guards I never tire of watching the changing of the guards. I admire the tradition, precision, and art that goes into into it.


Athens guards


Athens - night view of the AcropolisMy favorite thing about my hotel: the view of the Acropolis from the rooftop, especially at night. ❤


Athens - OlympieionThe Archeological Site of Olympeion, where the Temple of Olympian Zeus is located.


Athens - exit




Athens - Acropolis I can’t even describe the feeling I got when faced with the grandeur of the Acropolis. It is so beautiful (even when under construction), so grand, so historical. There’s quite a climb to get up there, but it’s so worth it.


Athens - Acropolis


Athens - ampitheater

No Stopovers visited Athens, Greece in March 2013.

Flashback Friday: Fair Verona

My friends Jo, Gerald and I went on a trip to Verona, home of Romeo and Juliet, on one of our long weekends in November three years ago. We were more than happy to escape cold Vienna, but didn’t expect it to rain so hard in fair Verona. We were lucky to have a few hours with just drizzle when we arrived, and when it really started pouring we still tried to walk under the rain w/ our cheap umbrellas and raincoat, but we ended up cold and soaked. We eventually tried to make the most of it by spending a lot of time at cafés and restaurants.
Some of the dry moments:
we passed this bridge every day. lovely view, must be even more magical in Summer
Truffle tagliatelle 
I was a bit disappointed seeing this: the entrance to Juliet’s house was covered in graffiti and used gum
Romeo Oh Romeo?


Flashback Friday: Mainz in Detail {Easter 2012}

After having brunch and checking out the market at the Medieval Festival at Mainz-Kastel, we decided to cross the bridge connecting the district of Mainz-Kastel and the city of Mainz. I love looking at architecture and going to churches, but sometimes looking at old buildings and churches can be quite overwhelming, especially in European cities. That’s why I like to capture quirky details that make a place unique.


I found it weird at first, but this stained glass window is awesome with its psychedelic vibe. Very Christopher Kane.


Cy and I kept making Hunger Games references. I mean, come on, look at this huge hourglass! It’s like we’re in the arena. It’s the biggest hourglass in the world, by the way.


snail mail


 moody shot at the ruins of St. Christoph Church, where Johannes Gutenberg was presumably baptized. Gutenberg is a hero. He invented the printing press, so we’ve got him to thank for our books!





 half-meter sausage



Flashback Friday: a knight’s tale in Mainz-Kastel {Easter 2012}

During the Easter weekend in 2012, I flew out to Hessen, Germany to celebrate with Cy and her husband, Uwe. I’m so happy they took me in for a few days. I really enjoyed the cozy and delicious dinner and bonding over DSDS (the German version of Idol). On Easter Sunday, instead of driving to Cologne, we drove to Mainz-Kastel to visit a Medieval Festival – the deciding factors being a Google search and the weather forecast. My first time to go to a Medieval Festival, I was excited and kind of wished I had something Middle Age-y to wear.



We all know about Ferris Wheels, but this manually operated one is really cool


 aaaah roasted pig!


This roasted pig sandwich was my brunch. I had to compare it to the Filipino lechon, of course. This one was juicy, but a bit too salty for me. The bread nicely complimented the saltiness, though. Very filling.


 that’s entertainment


 playing with fire


 this was my favorite performance. bagpipes, drums and dancing



I couldn’t help taking a shot (pun intended) at being Katniss. Or Hawkeye.


Me & Cy


 Tim & Uwe


Play that funky music, white boy.

Sunday Song of the Day: 7/4 Shoreline

This week’s Sunday Song is 7/4 Shoreline by Broken Social Scene.


The photo of the day is one I took during my holiday in Lisbon, Portugal two years ago. I decided to be adventurous and lied on a surfboard went surfing at Costa da Caparica. As a first-time unsuccessful surfer, it was scarier than it was fun. By the time I kind of got the hang of it, the waves got too big and we had to get out of the water. My surfing instructor Rui from Epic Surf School assured me that although there are some naturals who get it the first time, there are also some who have to try a few times to learn surfing. As challenging and scary as it was, it’s definitely not my last surfing session. I’m looking forward to conquering waves while actually standing on a surfbort.

beach, PortugalHave you tried surfing? I’m curious, what was your first surfing experience like?

Happy Sunday!

Portugal product packaging

Lisbon, which I visited in October 2012, has beautiful people, delicious meals, and breathtaking views. It’s a very hilly city, but with every uphill walk, the view is worth it. What surprised me though, was the all the  beautiful product packaging I found there. I wanted to buy everything I saw, but with limited luggage allowance, I made do with taking photos of all the cool cans, boxes, and bottles.
Portugal product packaging  Portugal product packaging Portugal product packaging Portugal product packaging Portugal product packaging Portugal product packaging Portugal product packaging Portugal product packaging


Portugal product packaging

Flashback Friday: colors & chocolate at M&M

{Back in March 2012, I went to London, one of my favorite cities and got caught in a sugar rush at M&M’s World}

We went to M&M’s World in London under the pretense that it’s for our 2 year-old companion Yssa’s entertainment. More than an hour later, it was apparent that all of us grown-ups had just as much fun, maybe even more, as Yssa. Who wouldn’t cheer up with so much color and sweetness?
While my favorite M&M’s flavor is peanut butter (I think it also might be the most fattening), I was on a mission to find the dark chocolate variety. I discovered them in New York and must have bought them at Duane Reade or CVS (seriously, I love drugstores). My friends and I munched the chocolate  and Combos while having wine (we so classy). We loved the dark choc M&M’s and thought would find them at the airport, but couldn’t. Sadly they weren’t available in London yet*.
With 4 floors filled with merchandise, sweets and the lovable mascots that make for great photo opps, M&M’s world is like a small amusement park. For a chocolate junkie like me, it’s better than Disneyland.
I really loved this wall with 22 colors of chocolate candies. 


I couldn’t help filling a bag with my favorite colors plus white because according to the Official Colour Analyser, white is my color mood.


Festive! Wouldn’t mind celebrating with a bottle of that 🙂


Yssa approves



Red looking very official


recreating The Beatles crossing Abbey Road! so cute!
side note: I passed Abbey Road twice by bus, but couldn’t quite figure out where this famous crossing is. Another excuse to go back to my beloved LDN 🙂

1 Swiss Court
Westminster, London WC2H 7
(in Leicester Square)

Store Hours:

Monday-Saturday: 10am-Midnight
Sunday: Noon-6pm
* one week later, my colleague went to New York and got me a big bag of M&M’s Dark Chocolate ❤