Feschmarkt – design at the brewery

On the weekend of June 13 – 15, Fesch’Markt, a market festival for art and design, was held at the Ottakringer beer brewery. A fun event with chill-out music, great food, and really cool, under-the-radar design.

Feschmarkt Polka-dotted and gray shirts are always a good idea

FeschmarktFlight seats re-purposed as a couch

FeschmarktThis would be a great addition (get it? haha) to any home

Feschmarkt Feschmarkt Feschmarkt Feschmarkt I absolutely love these plates, and I would have gotten them if putting food on them would cover the design

Feschmarkt Feschmarkt These miniskirts with built-in hotpants (to prevent from slipping) from Minirox are just too cute. I bought two!



The next Fesch’Markt is on on November 14 – 16. Looking forward to visit that one, too!