Fun thing to do in Edinburgh: karaoke at The World-Famous Frankenstein

Frankenstein Edinburgh

While traveling is all about exploring new places, discovering different cultures, and tasting foreign cuisines, it’s also good for just hanging out and having some good, old-fashioned fun in a new setting. Because my friend E doesn’t drink, we went to a pub that has something different to offer. After all, if she was going to just watch me drink, there should be something else for her to enjoy as well. The World Famous Frankenstein looks like a church from the outside, but is a really cool pub inside, and is located just a few steps away from our hotel.

Frankenstein Edinburgh

After booking a table via twitter – they answered really quickly! –  we went to their Karaoke Sunday party. The inside of the pub looked like a cross between a church and a dungeon. There was a long table with girls celebrating hen’s night, a few semi-drunk, LOL-ing guys, so mostly a fun crowd. Like the usual karaoke bar, there are a few books with a song list to choose from. To request your song, you have to write the title and your name on a piece of paper and pass it along to the DJ. The DJ would call the performer up to the small stage, chat a little and play the song.

I sang a few songs throughout the night. The most fun performance was Rock DJ, because a) it has been my dream to rap in public (and this was perfect because I would never see this audience again in case of embarrassment), b) everybody in the pub knew the song, so they danced, sang, and rapped along, and c) there were some funny cross-dressed guys who danced with me on stage.

Speaking of guys, there were some really cute ones in there. Look:

Frankenstein Edinburgh

Frankenstein Edinburgh
26 George IV Bridge
Midlothian EH1 1EN
United Kingdom
+44 131 622 1818
twitter: @frank_pub_edin

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