Rolling Stones in Vienna

I grew up listening to music from the ’60s and ’70s, which my dad often played during our car rides. My favorites were The Beatles and Queen. Another rock band that frequented our playlist was The Rolling Stones. Admittedly, I hadn’t listened to them in a long while, but when I listened to the Stones again to get reacquainted, I was surprised how many songs I was already familiar with, loved, and even knew the words to. Their music is classic and their songs still so relevant. That’s why when I found out they were playing a show in Vienna on June 16 at the Stadion, I knew I had to see the iconic band live.

Have you been to a rock show? I think this was just my second show, and I reconfirmed that rock show goers are really really into it. We had tickets for the standing area far from the stage, and a lot of people around us tried everything they could to get into the VIP area – trying to bribe the security guards (failed), pretending to be long-lost friends of people who were selling VIP area bracelets (got caught), passing their wallets to VIP bracelet sellers to get it back with the bracelet inside it (stupid, but it worked), and when the concert started, running past the security guards. Security eventually couldn’t stop the crowd from running past the barriers and to the stage.

My favorites from the concert were Start Me Up, Angie, Get Off My Cloud, You Can’t Always Get What You Want (to which I probably sang too emphatically – I’m going through a phase), and of course, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.

Rolling StonesKeith Richards is just the coolest.
Rolling Stones   Rolling Stones Rolling Stones

Rolling StonesRolling Stones

Rolling Stones

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