Thursday inspiration

Oh, Thursday. Thursday always seemed to be a drag for me. In school, it was always the longest school day (or so it seemed). In college we didn’t have cable TV, and Thursday night was when Maalaala Mo Kaya, the Philippine’s longest-running drama series was on. We weren’t into it, so the TV was always off on those nights, and we found other, more creative ways of entertaining ourselves. Now I wish I had kept a more detailed (aside from the boy drama that makes me cringe now) diary at the time, because those nights were pretty fun. I would have liked to remember every little thing we did and talked about – ironic because Maalaala Mo Kaya means ‘would you remember’. Sometimes we played cards, exchanged scary stories, put on silly hats and took pictures, played with Fluffy the dog. Thanks to a drama series that we didn’t enjoy watching, we actually spent so many hours bonding. So Thursdays didn’t end up so dragging at all. Now that I’ve been living alone for many years, I do miss those moments sometimes.

With the week almost over, but not quite yet, we’ve got to hang on for a little while longer. We’ll get through this! Here’s a little inspiration taken from the streets of Corfu. Daydreaming is encouraged…

Thursday inspiration Thursday inspiration

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