3-0 at the casino

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. To ease my way into Monday, I thought of  sharing about a more fun day (or to be exact, one day before): my birthday! I thought long and hard about celebrating my birthday this year – I usually have a low-key lunch or dinner with a few of my relatives, because I don’t like having parties for my own birthdays. The months leading to the imminent arrival of my 30th were very tough on me; I had never gotten so many bad news and rejections in such a short period of time before. I was really down and heartbroken. Then, two weeks before my birthday, I received one piece of good news, and although that didn’t solve all of my problems, I felt such a huge relief and immense gratitude that I just had to celebrate. With not much time to plan, and a lot of my friends being out of town or committed to other events, I decided to have a small get-together. Nothing wild, but something fun and something I’ve never done before: casino night!

3-O at the casino

I sent out Gatsby-themed invitations and treated my friends to Casino Wien‘s birthday package. We were warmly welcomed at their Schlumberger bar with bubbly and canapés, followed by a tour through the casino.

3-O at the casino

3-O at the casino

We were then taught some basic Roulette skills, followed by a little tournament. This was super fun, and we laughed a lot; little did we know that at the ‘real’ Roulette table, things were a lot more serious!

3-O at the casino

Not only did I have beginner’s luck, I also had birthday luck, because I won €55! We then moved on to the slot machines, which I was super excited about.

3-O at the casino

I was pretty lucky with those, too. After cashing in my win, we went to the casino’s Cercle bar to have celebratory drinks.

3-O at the casino

Love their beautiful ceiling and lights.

3-O at the casino

I ordered the perfect birthday cocktail: their Gemini drink!

3-O at the casino


What was your fun birthday party like?

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