Sunday Song of the Day: No Other Way ❤

OMG this song. The beat is so chill, so summery, and Sinead Harnett‘s voice is so beautiful. Listen, listen to this well!

I took this photo eons ago during a trip to Subic, Philippines with my office friends. I remember having a lot of fun, but I don’t recall some details, like sleeping. I know we had a hotel room, but did we sleep? There’s a picture of one of my friends passed out on the floor. I remember going to the beach and walking along this boardwalk before having a nice breakfast. Eight years and a move across continents later, I find out that one of the friends I was with during this trip is the cousin of my officemate here. Small world. Anyway, I chose this picture because the vibe is very fitting, and although the song seems to be about love, it also applies to friendship.

Happy Sunday, friends!


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